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Property valuations

Charity & Not-for-Profit Insurance - Policy Features - Property valuations

Comprehensive insurance valuations for property and contents

As a member of Came & Company, you will benefit from an excellent range of additional benefits, one being the provision of thorough property valuations for insurance. We can have the structure and fittings of your building rigorously assessed and issue you with details of the reinstatement cost, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing the appropriate level of cover for your property and contents.

It is generally recommended that you have insurance valuations carried out on your property at least once every three years. Property valuations ensure that your building and contents are adequately protected in the event that they should sustain damage via an insured peril. Since insurance companies follow the principle of averaging when assessing claims, if for example your building is underinsured by 30%, your claim will also be reduced by 30% - a loss that is significant at best, devastating at worst.

Cunningham & Lindsey’s comprehensive insurance valuations take into account a wide range of factors to ensure the utmost precision. They will account for the physical size of the building, the methods and materials used in its construction, the room dimensions, the landscaping of its grounds, the overall condition of the site and much more, leaving you with a reinstatement cost estimate that is as accurate as is it can possibly be.

By selecting Came & Company as your insurance broker, you will benefit from preferential rates on property valuations to ensure that your building and contents are fully covered in case the worst should happen.

Whether you are an existing client of Came & Company looking to discuss our property valuation service or wish to switch from your exisiting insurance provider, please call us on 01483 462860 or email via and we will be happy to help.

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